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  • To prepare quality laboratory animals, teaching and researching paraphernalia, quality expertise and support service with emphasis on each component's welfare and sustainability which is consistent with the ethic, legal requirement, policies and regulations to achieve laboratory animal status
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  • To be renowned support centre for laboratory animal based research, teaching and service in Asia by giving our full commitment to the animal welfare and wellness.
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  • We are committed and dedicated to provide the best services and facilities to meet client's needs in teaching and learning aspect and in research as well as produce excellent graduates. We believe that strong commitment to continuous improvement
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  • Laboratory animal based research in Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) was first set up in 1986 in line with the establishment of animal research facility known as the Animal House Unit. In the beginning the unit was managed by
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  • Animal Research And Service Centre (ARASC) is a centre which operates to provide support services for laboratory animal based research, teaching and testing, where it emphasizes on the welfare of laboratory animals used as models in biomedical research
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Animal Research and Sevice Centre USM

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